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PC: Atlas GP40

  Just rec'd my Undec and CR GP40's last night.  WOW These are probably
the finest HO models done yet.  The Handrails are the finest from anyone
and they don't wave or bend like some in the past. The lift rings are
exquisite. I hope Atlas will sell some of the rings separately. It does
have holes over the cab windows for the sunshades. Not correct for PC,
But I think if one would install the shades and then cut the pins It
should look fine. Or install a new Cab from Cannon. The only small thing
I didn't like was the mold release point on the top of the center of the
cab. A little sanding will cure that. Unless you have a decorated model.
Looks like a good place for a sinclair . Now where did I put those PC
Microscale decals..... Mark

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