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PC: RE: [PRR] FW: F-38 Flat Car Project

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From: Rail Classics [mailto:railclassics@psn.net]
Sent: Sunday, June 11, 2000 6:19 PM
To: Penn Central Talk
Subject: F-38 Flat Car Project

Hello List;

We at Rail Classics (www.railclassics.com) are importing the PRR F-38 Heavy
Duty Flat Car in "HO Scale Brass. We have had many requests to also import
the F-38 painted and lettered for Penn Central and Conrail.

If the needed data for PC and Conrail can be secured, we will import them

What we need is the road numbers the PC and Conrail assigned to them, also
the paint & lettering diagrams and any photos that are available in PC and
Conrail paint..

Thank You,

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