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Re: PC: Penn Central Highlight

I stand corrected.  It was in fact an SD9.  I remember the friend I was
driving with exclaiming "Holy Cow, an SD-9!

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Date: Thursday, June 15, 2000 11:34 PM
Subject: Re: PC: Penn Central Highlight

>Are you sure you saw a single SD7 in Baltimore? They usually operated in
>pairs since PRR/PC only owned a pair of these with all others similar umts
>as SD9's. They were assigned Madison Hill service and under CR were common
>in Allentown and Bel-Del Line
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>> I was a wee lad when PC entered the scene, but as dad was a traffic
>> I heard all about it.  He brought home a Tyco set, an F-7 A and B,
>> incorrectly painted (Jade?) green.  I'm not sure, but I think it was a
>> hand-out from the railroad directly post-merger when things like paint
>> schemes probably weren't completely ironed out.  Is anyone familiar with
>> this?  Or was it just another Tyco trash job that was generally marketed?
>> I also remember seeing a PC SD-7 lurking around Penn Station in Baltimore
>> the early 70's, and remembering how stately it looked in its grimy black,
>> particularly when compared to the ridiculous paint job applied by Cheesy
>> System at that time.
>> My favorite paint schemes were the basic black ones.  NW, PC, Western
>> Maryland, Southern (another twist on black/green) and of course, DLDG on
>> Pennsy.  After the Conrail consolidation, I enjoyed seeing Reading, EL
>> LV motors in Baltimore, and the occassional CNJ.  But a pure lash-up of
>> black was always the best.  Especially the E-44's.  About the only thing
>> that black didn't do justice to was the GG1.  The sweeping lines and
>> brilliant style of Loewy's masterpiece demanded a more ornate treatment
>> the PC or Amtrak gave it.  Thank goodness 4935 was restored while it was
>> still in service.  I recall seeing it many times at the Knecht Ave. grade
>> crossing in southwest Baltimore late on a Friday night after a night of
>> model railroading at the BSME.
>> I think if Amtrak wants to draw a few more riders, they should apply some
>> the classic streamline paint schemes to their newer equipment.  Imagine a
>> Genesis diesel with an adaptation of the classic NYC lightning stripe? Or
>> Acela set in Tuscan Red with 5 stripes?  The paint scheme they are now
>> (wide blue stripe, narrow red stripe) makes me feel like I'm getting on a
>> bus.
>> My favorite PC scene, though, is a view of a GP30 waddling down an
>> spur, knee high in weeds, with a covered hopper and an N5c in tow,
>> the trenches of branch line railroading.  It was not the glamour of the
>> corridor, or the history of the Curve, or the Water Level Route, but it
>> so indicative of what caused the PC's failure, and how railroading has
>> changed since.
>> Lee
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>> Date: Thursday, June 15, 2000 10:04 PM
>> Subject: Re: PC: Penn Central Highlight
>> I kinda liked the PC because I saw my first "foreign" power on it.
>> Couldn't wait to see those NYC engines.  Most I had ever seen was a CB&Q
>> engine in red,gray, & white (GP-30 or GP 35???) on PRR and a B&O unit on
>> the RDG.
>> I always seemed to like the green freight cars.  I am not sure but the
>> lighter green did not seem to be NYC jade green to me.  I don't know if
>> it ever was meant to be or was.  Also, the green on the centerflows was
>> a darker green.  Not sure anymore about the H-54s".   That is why I use
>> Floquil PC green on gons and boxes.  I use Scalecoat PC green on the
>> centerflows.  Thank Floquil for bringing the green back.  Oh yeah, the
>> H-54s" are in the design (kitbashing) stage.  Undecided on green.
>> Now a question---the yellow on PC ballast cars  (other M-O-W)---was it
>> the same as PRR yellow?  Hints on what to use appreciated.  Have nine
>> kitbashed MDC covered hoppers in the paint shop.
>> RDGbuff

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