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Re: PC: Penn Central Highlight

I was a wee lad when PC entered the scene, but as dad was a traffic manager,
I heard all about it.  He brought home a Tyco set, an F-7 A and B,
incorrectly painted (Jade?) green.  I'm not sure, but I think it was a
hand-out from the railroad directly post-merger when things like paint
schemes probably weren't completely ironed out.  Is anyone familiar with
this?  Or was it just another Tyco trash job that was generally marketed?

I also remember seeing a PC SD-7 lurking around Penn Station in Baltimore in
the early 70's, and remembering how stately it looked in its grimy black,
particularly when compared to the ridiculous paint job applied by Cheesy
System at that time.

My favorite paint schemes were the basic black ones.  NW, PC, Western
Maryland, Southern (another twist on black/green) and of course, DLDG on the
Pennsy.  After the Conrail consolidation, I enjoyed seeing Reading, EL and
LV motors in Baltimore, and the occassional CNJ.  But a pure lash-up of PC
black was always the best.  Especially the E-44's.  About the only thing
that black didn't do justice to was the GG1.  The sweeping lines and
brilliant style of Loewy's masterpiece demanded a more ornate treatment than
the PC or Amtrak gave it.  Thank goodness 4935 was restored while it was
still in service.  I recall seeing it many times at the Knecht Ave. grade
crossing in southwest Baltimore late on a Friday night after a night of
model railroading at the BSME.

I think if Amtrak wants to draw a few more riders, they should apply some of
the classic streamline paint schemes to their newer equipment.  Imagine a
Genesis diesel with an adaptation of the classic NYC lightning stripe? Or an
Acela set in Tuscan Red with 5 stripes?  The paint scheme they are now using
(wide blue stripe, narrow red stripe) makes me feel like I'm getting on a

My favorite PC scene, though, is a view of a GP30 waddling down an unkempt
spur, knee high in weeds, with a covered hopper and an N5c in tow, working
the trenches of branch line railroading.  It was not the glamour of the
corridor, or the history of the Curve, or the Water Level Route, but it is
so indicative of what caused the PC's failure, and how railroading has
changed since.

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I kinda liked the PC because I saw my first "foreign" power on it.
Couldn't wait to see those NYC engines.  Most I had ever seen was a CB&Q
engine in red,gray, & white (GP-30 or GP 35???) on PRR and a B&O unit on
the RDG.

I always seemed to like the green freight cars.  I am not sure but the
lighter green did not seem to be NYC jade green to me.  I don't know if
it ever was meant to be or was.  Also, the green on the centerflows was
a darker green.  Not sure anymore about the H-54s".   That is why I use
Floquil PC green on gons and boxes.  I use Scalecoat PC green on the
centerflows.  Thank Floquil for bringing the green back.  Oh yeah, the
H-54s" are in the design (kitbashing) stage.  Undecided on green.

Now a question---the yellow on PC ballast cars  (other M-O-W)---was it
the same as PRR yellow?  Hints on what to use appreciated.  Have nine
kitbashed MDC covered hoppers in the paint shop.


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