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Re: PC: Penn Central Highlight

I kinda liked the PC because I saw my first "foreign" power on it.
Couldn't wait to see those NYC engines.  Most I had ever seen was a CB&Q
engine in red,gray, & white (GP-30 or GP 35???) on PRR and a B&O unit on
the RDG.

I always seemed to like the green freight cars.  I am not sure but the
lighter green did not seem to be NYC jade green to me.  I don't know if
it ever was meant to be or was.  Also, the green on the centerflows was
a darker green.  Not sure anymore about the H-54s".   That is why I use
Floquil PC green on gons and boxes.  I use Scalecoat PC green on the
centerflows.  Thank Floquil for bringing the green back.  Oh yeah, the
H-54s" are in the design (kitbashing) stage.  Undecided on green.

Now a question---the yellow on PC ballast cars  (other M-O-W)---was it
the same as PRR yellow?  Hints on what to use appreciated.  Have nine
kitbashed MDC covered hoppers in the paint shop.


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