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Re: PC: MofW Equipment On CSX

>From the look of it, the car is an old General American design. Trailer
Train had a bunch (GTTX) and there are still a very few kicking around, but
rebuilt. They weren't as popular a design as the standard thick deck cars a
la Athearn's 89' piggyback and A/P flats.
They were known for having massive centers and thin decks. Everything else
was like an afterthought tacked on.
There are still a few in Norfolk and Western paint serving Alcoa's facility
in Lafayette, IN.

>  The old PC/MDT flats are easy to spot, very difficult to get the
>  numbers.
>  They are unique in design.
>  I have a link to CR Cyc. for a similar car. 
>  http://crcyc.railfan.net/crrs/flat/photos/cr725337.jpg

>  As you can see, there is only a small area for a logo on the side. It
>  has a rectangle w/ MDT in it.
>  The CR marks and number is on the side sill under the deck. Very
>  difficult to see.
>  If it is green and difficult to figure out, it's one of 'em.
>  Lon

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