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PC: Re: Re: PC FA's

The nice thing about the Proto 2000 (HO) FA-2 undecorated unit is that it's
really not undecorated. It's painted black! All that's necessary is to add
PC decals. A little less daunting job than painting.

As for real FAs, PC 1333 (NH 0428) is at the Danbury Railway Museum in
Connecticut. It is to be cosmetically restored to its NH livery.

Peter King in NY

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> This question's a little unspecific....  Are you looking for a model train
> locomotive, or a real locomotive?   The real ones, if any are left beyond
> the ex-NH 0401, would belong to whomever is brokering them from the Long
> Island RR; as for models you're looking at a custom paint job in most
> scales.   Probably not a bad scheme to learn to paint with actually, it's
> hard to screw up basic black!

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