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Re: PC: Re: Re: PC FA's

Of all the LIRR powerpaks only the 600-604 survived with their original Alco 
prime movers intact. One is ex NH , one is ex NYC and the remaining units are 
all ex L&N. The remaining powerpaks that were recently retired all had either 
Cat or Cummins gen sets  and major modifications to electrical and cooling 
systems rendering these units almost impossible to convert back into 
locomotives without MAJOR $ investment.
 Hydro Power was the purchaser of all the remaining powerpaks. Some have had 
the gen sets removed but some have been sold to third parties intact. It all 
depends on what the customer wants.  Septa has purchased one of the FA units 
for their Gel train to assist in traction in wet fall weather.  None have 
been scrapped.
                                                     Ken McCorry
                                                      EPI Inc. 

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