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PC: Re: PC FA's

This question's a little unspecific....  Are you looking for a model train
locomotive, or a real locomotive?   The real ones, if any are left beyond
the ex-NH 0401, would belong to whomever is brokering them from the Long
Island RR; as for models you're looking at a custom paint job in most
scales.   Probably not a bad scheme to learn to paint with actually, it's
hard to screw up basic black!  

Incedentally those remaining LIRR "powerpacks" are basically a full-size
"dummy unit" with cab controls; even the HEP setups were to be removed by
the re-seller, everything else had been removed by the LIRR.   However I
can't remember if by the end any of those left were the ex-NH/PC units;
they also had SP&S/BN, L&N, WM and possibly other FA's and ex-B&O and
MILW(?) F7's.   All of these would need to be basically rebuilt from the
ground up to function as a locomotive again.

From: Craig Levine <craiglevine -AT- freewwweb.com>
To: penn-central -AT- smellycat.com
Subject: PC: PC FA's
Date: Monday, May 22, 2000 7:21 PM

Does anyone know of a source or have one of PC's FA's?

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