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PC: A Sampling of Penn Central Book

Got my reprint book "A Sampling of Penn Central"  Friday. Nice reprint - photos
are as clear as the original book

The rest of this is snips from earlier e-mails

It was written by Jerry Taylor, PC's General Manager in Indianapolis

The book is clothbound, 448 pp, 211 b&w photos, 4 maps.  If you are at
all interested in how the PC merger impacted the former PRR and NYC in
what was PC's "Southern region," you will love this book.  Although he
left the railroad (to run the LI) in 1968, prior to the merger's
consumation, he returned frequently to photograph and keep tabs on the
operation.  Incidentally, this was a book not originally intended for
public consumption, but written for insiders.

Price $59.95   Contact them at  http://iupress.indiana.edu  or 
800-842-6796, or at 601 N.
>Morton St., Bloomington, In. 47404-3797.

Jim Hebner

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