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Re: PC: Long gone and new

I model RDG, but always liked the PC because everybody seem to dislike
it because of its'  bland paint scheme for locomotives.  Remember not
very many people looked at freight cars back then.
I live less than a half block from what was a crossing of RDG and a PRR
double-track mainline.  PRR never interested me much.  Guess the PC
merger brought on the foreign power thing (NYC locos and cabooses).
I don't know if you have any contacts ot there, but I am looking for RDG
hoppers with "speed" lettering.  In my mind I think that the lettering
on some ribbed size hoppers is 24" high, while some is 21".  The RCT&HS
files say all 21"  Any help appreciated.

I do not mean to take up PC line with other roads but these roads were
intwined so much in Pa.  I'm sure that most PCers'  have a second or
third they model for interchange service on their layouts.


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