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Re: PC: PC (ex-PRR) FD1/FW2 car info

 Lon corrects me:
 > It is the FD2 class, not FD1
 > Well..... kinda one number :~) 
 > They always make it difficult.

I'm always mixing up the class on that car.  The well is FW1.

 > PC did recieve it and transfered it to CR.

 > Well flat section is number 768162 class FW1
 > Yes, ORER 1973 says still PRR
 > ORER 1977 says PC 
 > capy. 590,000lbs.
 > Solid floor section number 766163 class FD2 "Quenn Mary" 
 > '73 ORER is still PRR
 > '77 ORER is CR
 > capy. 500,000 lbs.

I did a bit of research and found one reference on the web to a PC 766163
as being the well body and PC 766196 as the depressed flat body. If you
read all of the page, he crosses his wires on the class/numbers, so I'm
going to go with what I find in the PC Color Guide and ORER.

Here's the web site: 

As for the painting of the well car and loads... I'll just have to keep

Thanks for the info.

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