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Re: PC: PC (ex-PRR) FD1/FW2 car info

<<<The PC Color Guide shows 1 photo of the 16 axle FD1 car. (Don't
recall the number off hand, doesn't matter, there was only ONE of

Hi Gene.
It is the FD2 class, not FD1

Well..... kinda one number :~) 
They always make it difficult.

<<<Did PC take delivery of the well car body that was swapped in for the
depressed flat or did PRR scrap that part of the car?>>>

PC did recieve it and transfered it to CR.

<<<I want to know if the well flat section ever made it into PC

Well flat section is number 768162 class FW1
Yes, ORER 1973 says still PRR
ORER 1977 says PC 
capy. 590,000lbs.

Solid floor section number 766163 class FD2 "Quenn Mary" 
'73 ORER is still PRR
'77 ORER is CR
capy. 500,000 lbs.

 <<<Also, I don't recall ever seeing any pictures of the well with a
load. The only photos of the FW2 car I have access to are in the PRR
Color Guide(s) 
I have one of the Alco Models FD1/FW2 cars, and am getting ready to
paint it. At some point in time, I would like to make a load for both
the well and depressed configurations.>>>

I haven't either.

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