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PC: PC (ex-PRR) FD1/FW2 car info

The PC Color Guide shows 1 photo of the 16 axle FD1 car. (Don't recall the
number off hand, doesn't matter, there was only ONE of these...)

Did PC take delivery of the well car body that was swapped in for the
depressed flat or did PRR scrap that part of the car?

I want to know if the well flat section ever made it into PC paint. 
Also, I don't recall ever seeing any pictures of the well with a load. The
only photos of the FW2 car I have access to are in the PRR Color Guide(s)

I have one of the Alco Models FD1/FW2 cars, and am getting ready to paint
it. At some point in time, I would like to make a load for both the well
and depressed configurations.

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