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PC: No way to run a Railroad

Wreck of the PC equates to a talk show of today. Short on fact and long
innuendo. Most of the invests Bevan made kept the railroad afloat for a good
period of time. Great Southwest, Exect Air,and Buckeye pipeline were great
investments. The railroad was and still isn't a great moneymaker. Just ask
Warren Buffet.
  No Way to Run a Railroad was written by Business Professor Stephen Salsbury.
A well known expert on the transportation business in the US.
  Basically PC got into a giant Cash Flow problem that couldn't be controlled.
The book chronologically traces the bankruptcy from the begining which was the
end of WW2.
  Again ,This book is by far the most extensive research done on the subject.
If you read wreck of the PC first, Then Salsbury's book it will become vividly
clear which information is more complete..Mark

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