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Re: PC: HO Atlas GP-40 Sticker Shock!!!!

>  Is pricing starting to get a bit ridiculous or what?
 $120 for a plastic engine? From the factory? Where I come from we call that
 And don't forget the roadname you wanted sold out last week because Atlas
only had it in production for three hours. "It's limited production! Hurry
and get it because after this run we're gonna burn down the factory and
you'll never see it again!"
 We had this discussion back around December/January, then Jerry lowered the
boom and ordered the discussion over. (For good reason too. It was getting a
bit wacky.) It does feel good to see that I'm not the only one who feels
this way, though.
 It'd be nice if we, the consumers, could whack some sense into the
manufacturers (I single out Atlas because they're the most guilty.). But,
there'll be enough engine snobs out there for whom money is no object who
will pooh-pooh what we say...
 Not a whole lot seems to change, does it?

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