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Re: PC: PC N6a Transfer Caboose auction found

N6a and N9 are basically the same (built on late 40s era boxcar frames)
BUT the N6a had roof walks  the N9 did not 

I believe the N9 all had propane heat originally later converted back.
the tanks sat where the ladder was on one end

The N11 was not built on a boxcar frame and is several feet shorter and
has one section less of railing and different steps

There may be other differences but I think those are the basics

I have thought about removing the roof walks & ladders of on one of my
N6A - But I have not gotten the nerve up yet

Photos at


Jim Hebner

ebulman -AT- caregroup.harvard.edu wrote:
> Are the N6A, N9, and N11 transfer cabooses similar? I was wondering if an N6A
> would be close enough to an N9 or  N11 to model it using the brass model.
> Ed

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