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Re: PC: Penn Central N12 cars & other kitbashes gone awry..

I have 11 photos showing both sides at http://lib2.clark.cc.oh.us/pc/pcN12.html

Jim Hebner

Gene.Fusco -AT- lsil.com wrote:
> I'm about to start on a kitbash project to modify one of the Walthers
> International bay window cabooses into a Penn Central N12 car.
> The only photo I have is the one in the PC Color Guide.  Does anyone out
> there have a photo showing the other side of the car?  The one shown in the
> book has the side with the air reservoir showing.  I need to know that the
> window arrangement is for the other side.  I'm going to spend some time
> surfing the web, so maybe I can find a few shots out there.
> The overall dimensions of the car appear to be similar, so the
> modifications to the Walthers car appear to be relatively minor.
> 1. Modify car side sill (Remove existing side sill)
> 2. Rearrange windows    (Involved process, but not too hard)
> 3. Modify roof panels   (Walthers car has 8, N12 had 11, I think)
> The reason I'm starting this project is that I am tired of starting other
> kitbashes only to have a RTR model come out halfway through the process.
> I torture myself cutting out the holes on a Bowser X32 to make a K9 stock
> car, then Boswer releases one. I started 'bashing a pair of Con-Cor H40
> airslides to make an H51 Dry Flow car, and I hear that Eastern Car Works
> may have one available now...   Anybody have a request?
> I doubt anyone will release another International caboose with the proper
> window arrangement any time soon. All help will be greatly appreciated.
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