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Re: PC: Penn Central N12 cars & other kitbashes gone awry..

 > I don't know which side you are talking about for sure. But, I have an N12 at
 > http://mainlineseast.railfan.net/24548.html. I hope it helps. TTYL,  Ed 
 > St.George

Thanks for the link.  That is the same side that is shown in the PC Color
Guide.  If you look under the the car beneath the bay window, you will see
the brake system air reservoir.

As for the web, I found a decent bunch of N12 shots at Jim Hebner's PC
caboose archive. (I should have looked there first...)

Apparently the windows are in the same location on both sides, but the
window next to the bay on the "left" side of the car is a bit narrower than
the others. (Left being the non-air brake side)  

What end of a caboose is the A and B end anyway!!!

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