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PC: Penn Central N12 cars & other kitbashes gone awry..

I'm about to start on a kitbash project to modify one of the Walthers
International bay window cabooses into a Penn Central N12 car.

The only photo I have is the one in the PC Color Guide.  Does anyone out
there have a photo showing the other side of the car?  The one shown in the
book has the side with the air reservoir showing.  I need to know that the
window arrangement is for the other side.  I'm going to spend some time
surfing the web, so maybe I can find a few shots out there.

The overall dimensions of the car appear to be similar, so the
modifications to the Walthers car appear to be relatively minor.

1. Modify car side sill (Remove existing side sill) 
2. Rearrange windows    (Involved process, but not too hard)
3. Modify roof panels   (Walthers car has 8, N12 had 11, I think)

The reason I'm starting this project is that I am tired of starting other
kitbashes only to have a RTR model come out halfway through the process.

I torture myself cutting out the holes on a Bowser X32 to make a K9 stock
car, then Boswer releases one. I started 'bashing a pair of Con-Cor H40
airslides to make an H51 Dry Flow car, and I hear that Eastern Car Works
may have one available now...   Anybody have a request?

I doubt anyone will release another International caboose with the proper
window arrangement any time soon. All help will be greatly appreciated.

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