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PC: PC Historical Society

Paperwork was mailed today to incorporate the Penn Central Railroad
Historical Society, Inc.. 

I have been told that It should take 2-3 weeks for it to be processed.

Once we have that we can open our bank account and start to take membership.

There will be a periodic publication and the first issue or two will be
printed using laser printers. We plan to move up to "normal" printing
and paper as soon as budget permits

Jerry Jordak has secured a URL for a web site - A nice one! As soon as
it is up we will be the first to know. The site will an intro to the
society and have basic info about the Society - It will not be a
storehouse of everything Penn Central.

A convention has been discussed for Oct.  As plans develop, they will be shared.

Comments or question should be directed to HebnerJ -AT- clark.cc.oh.us  - I
will try to limit use of this list for society chatter or static
depending on your viewpoint

Jim Hebner

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