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PC: Re: Thanks for the site

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> >  Hi everyone. My name is Mike Johansen and I am a Penn Central fan in a
> sense. I am a model railroader and rail fan especially of the old Canada
> Southern. The strange little piece of the New York Central and of course
> Penn-Central that ran across southwestern Ontario form Detroit MIch. to
> Buffalo N.Y. I found that my interest in this little piece of railroad is
> shared by others. If anyone else shares an interest in the Canada Southern
> please feel free to contact me at mjohansen11 -AT- hotmail.com. I be glad to
> from you. At present I am slowly starting to construct a model railroad
> based upon the Canada Southern in the Penn-Central era, specific year not
> yet determined.

For Mike and anyone else interested in the Canada Southern portion of the
Penn-Central (and the MCRR-NYC-Conrail eras) - please visit
www.canadasouthern.com.  This will take you to both my site and Adrian
Telizyn's site that document the Canada Southern Railway in photos and
information.  There is also a discussion group that you can join that deals
with the Canada Southern of any era - details within the site.

Terry Link
Bramalea, Ontario
trlink -AT- canadasouthern.com

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