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Re: PC: PC Failure

i suggest you go back to the drawing board on this subject. i am a
former prr pc and conrail employee and i happen to know most of the
failures. the prr was go as far as money goes. so was the nyc. but the
problem was not enough money was spent on the plant. the 2 computers
didnt talk to one another. saunder and bevins and perlman were all
milking money from the railroads. they were lauger heading.
this one wante4d to be in power and so did tis guy. there were to many
employees at the pc merger. that had to be taken care of.
the rrs didnt utilize their equipment properly. conrail did something
about all these problems. their stock split at least three times. come
on fellows get with it.
unless you were there you dont know what the problems were.
i remain larry e zong 

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