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Re: PC: It was a bad move anyway?!?

since i am a former prr pc and conrail employee now of the info you are
stating is not what really happened. i agree it was probably a bad
marriage but from what i have been reading in this back and forth
messages i have been reading is far from the truth. you had better talk
to some former employees in the upper echleon and try to figure out the
truth. one reason it was to diversified. 4 hotels in new york and an
airline that drained the money and not enough money was being put back
in the plant. also there were to many employees and they had to be
i could go on and on. the red and green didnt mix as it should have.
conrail must have been doing a good job because the stock split about
three times. at about 115 when it was pulled from the stock exchange.
all you people should do a lot of homework before you know the truth.
 the 2 computers were not interchangeable at the time and a new computer
system had to be established.
i could keep going on and on but do your homework and yoou will see what
really happened.
i remain larry e zong.

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