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Re: PC: It was a bad move anyway...

Who was Perlman?  Did he have that much foresight. Wow things would be
drasticly different today if that happened back in 68!
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Date: Friday, April 14, 2000 8:02 AM
Subject: RE: PC: It was a bad move anyway...

> Really?  As an example, the auto makers can now bid out who carries their
parts and finished goods into the shared asset areas.  These areas opened up
almost all of New Jersey.  All in all, this is better than anything that the
state of New Jersey ever had when you consider that both companies have
total access to both carriers.  It wasn't that good even pre PC.
> Where did CR compete with CSX or NS?  Maybe on moves from Detroit to the
west but certainly not into the east.  The NS web sites included a page that
shows intermodal market share and neither one has 50%.  By the same token,
CR had 97% into the New York metro area.
> No, the merge didn't give every customer two carriers but many now have
two line service were prior to the merger there was only one.  Most other
mergers have only addresses the 2 to 1 customers.  This merger is unique in
it's creation of 1 to 2 customers.
> I agree that nearly all other mergers have resulted in a loss of
competition.  However, the NS/CSX/CR merger undid the mistakes that were
made in 1968 and 1976.  Perlman wanted C&O/B&O/NYC and PRR/N&W.  In the end
he was right.  That was the better combination.
>>  What competition? By taking Conjob out of the picture, that cut down
>> competition by another degree. Admittedly what goes on in the East isn't
>> bad as the West, where the bloated mass that calls itself Union Pacific
>> pretty much trashed everything...
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