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PC: Re: [CR] rumor

It's interesting that NS is now looking to re-double track the RDG & CV to
Hagerstown.  The RDG (Lurgan Branch) was double track all the way from Lurgan to
Rutherford then CR ripped out segments of the double track in the early 80's.
The old CV (Cumberland Valley aka Hagerstown Secondary) was single tracked (with
passing sidings) by the PRR in the 50's.  I should not be too hard for NS to
reinstall the double track on this route as all the right of way and bridges
were built for two tracks.  All it takes is time and money.

Kevin Burkholder wrote:

> NS is right now looking to
> DOUBLE track the Hagerstown Sec. and Lurgan Branch in an effort to better
> expedite traffic.  Levels are so high on the Harrisburg Line that there is
> still considerable congestion at times, especially during the evening and
> overnight!
> Don't look for that anytime soon...unless NS gives up two dozen trains or so
> on the route...
> Kevin Burkholder
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