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Re: PC: Plow Heritage

John Wilson wrote:

> Does anyone know who was the original owner of the former PC snowplow in
> North yard , Framingham,MA? I believe the PC number was 60008.

I'd like to mention that there is a Russell style snow plow (looks like a
combination wedge-vee  with retractable side wings, built on to the end of a
caboose with a high cupola)  located at the Monticello Railroad Museum at
Monticello, Ill.  This 'plow was purchased from a Northeastern railroad, I
believe the Vermont Central and brought to Decatur, Ill. by a now defunct
short line.  The caboose was discovered to have more numbers and markings
for a Canadian railroad (I believe the CN), which was the parent company of
the Vermont Central and its sister, the Grand Trunk Western.

I am not familiar enough with the Northeast railroads to know if any of
those in the P.C. merger would have included a line formerly owned by a
Canadian railroad, possibly a source for such a plow (assuming it is of the
Russel type which was not mentioned).


H.G. Scott

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