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PC: More Latrobe

Well, I've just been on a tour of the Ligonier Valley from Latrobe to Ligonier, courtesy of the USGS survey maps and ariel photos on line.  What a great resource.  Now, on to more specific requests.
1)  What is the big structure in the middle of the Y at Latrobe?  The aerial photos, dated 1996, show tractor trailers backed up to it, and what appears to be a warehouse between a main boulevard and the PRR main.  The warehouse appears to have railcars up to it on the north side.
2)Where, in relationship to the Y, is (was?) the passenger depot.  The aerial photo shows some long cars on the main just at the left leg of the Y, but these could be auto racks or something.
3) There is a huge complex just south of what appears to be a high school (track oval, ball diamonds, etc.)  What is (was) this industrial complex?
4) The photo shows what appears to be an abandoned quarry tipple northwest of Ligonier.  Is it still there to be photographed?  Was it served by the railroad?
5) It appears that the rail is out below a point called Gaging Station and on to Ligonier.  Are any depots still standing?
Are photos available?
These maps and photos are great.  You can pretty much see abandoned grades and a lot of structures, and their relationship to the railroads.  Check out the link... http://terraserver.microsoft.com  When they say "where do you want to go today" they really mean it!

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