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PC: Latrobe

Hey Listmeisters,
I am working on my N scale empire, and need to get some photos of the passenger station and/or any other rail facilities in the general area of Latrobe, PA, circa 1976. (the OTHER transition era).  My imagined shortline connects with the PC at Latrobe, and follows the general direction of the Ligonier Valley, then crosses Laurel Mountain via the South Penn (Turnpike? what Turnpike?) to Somerset.
My concept is the last days of PC and the early days of CR, with my "Laurel Valley" being a spin-off line bearing bridge traffic to the B&O and Western Maryland on the other side of the mountain.  (Yes, in my world, WM survives Chessie the Knife).  Anyhoo, never having actually been to Latrobe, it is hard for me to flavor the junction properly.
I am interested also in getting some idea of major shippers that would have been in the area, so I can pick a few to model.  (Naturally, the home of Rolling Rock Beer will be paid proper homage).
Any help would be appreciated.  If you can direct me to some websites that's fine, or e-mail me off list and shoot me some jpeg's direct.
In exchange, I have a few pictures of the Baltimore area, mostly during the CR era, if you are interested.
Thanks again.

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