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PC: Re: PC and PRR local freights between Cincinnati and Zanesville.

I grew up in South Zanesville and watched PRR/PC freights on the Zanesville branch from Zanesville to Circleville to Morrow. One of my classmate's father was a conductor on the line and he also worked from Zanesville to Trinway. There were several locals or freights listed as ZB1/2, ZB3/4, ZB11/12. ZB 13/14, ZB 15/16 This was in the 40's. I know in the late 60's or early seventy's, there was one train that went each way but the schedules were so bad because one train couldn't make it without recrewing. They had a job working out of Circleville and a Penn Central (ExNYC) job at Fultonham Ohio to work Columbia Cement Co. In addition there was a Zanesville Yard job on in that era. At South Zanesville, there was a plant called DURA Corp which made implements and in their final years they made a ramp for loading trailers onto flatcars. Two lumber companies, Burley Clay Products and someone loaded coal on the Zanesville Terminal RR and brought it out for pickup along Rt.22 or Maysville Pike. Roseville and Crooksville had the potteries, A coal Mine, etc.
Power consisted (in the 1970 period) GP-9, GP-9B, SW-7, SW 9 and SW 1200 between Zanesville and Morrow. That's about all the track would stand. Mostly 5 and 10MPH, it took forever to get anywhere. All in All it was still nice to see a pair of PC GP-9's moving from side to side with train most every day. The track between Zanesville and New Lexington is being rehabbed by the State and Ohio Central and OCRR will run coal trains off the NS from Glouster to Conesville Ohio. I am a Trainmaster for Indiana & Ohio RR and we operate 4 miles of the old Pennsy through Lancaster. Hopes this helps. I thought I was the only one that ever watched trains on that line???
Pete Snyder
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Subject: PC: PC and PRR local freights between Cincinnati and Zanesville.

  As a boy I lived in Washington Court House OH. The PRR ran on trackage rights on the B&O from Morrow to WCH, then on their own track to Zanesville, OH.
Anybody on list got any information regarding the industries along the PRR line and train frequency? Maybe an old stations book? I have the freight train schedule booklet from 4/1971 for PC, but no local frts are listed between Cincy and Zanesville or any points in between
Thanks, Kurt Thompson

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