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Re: PC: PC Decals


In addition to the ones mentioned by Lon, Northeast Decals makes some good
sets, although I haven't bought any from them in a while, so I don't know
about current availability.  Central Decals by Jim Kosty is also a good
source.  I just bought some great looking N scale PC caboose decals from him.  


At 09:00 PM 3/25/00 -0500, you wrote:
><<<I am in need of a list of all the manufacturers of currently
>available PC decals. Any help would be appreciated. 
>Thanks in advance. 
>I don't have any catalogs but Microscale has some nice ones.
>The old Herald Kings are fantastic if you can find them.
>Champ seems pathetic, but is a source.
>Two fellas on this list have some printed, they may jump in soon. I
>highly recommend their products. I have some.

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