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Re: PC: ***PC Observation Car, former PRR

Here is another 7100 series Parlor car that is still extant and is in
EXCELLENT condition it is owned by the Western New York Railway Historical




has the info on the car itself while not extensive I have been inside the
car and the WNYRHS has done a wonderful job of restoring the car...it is
FULLY Amtrak compatible and has made a number of trips thruout the

On Thu, 23 Mar 2000 Gene.Fusco -AT- lsil.com wrote:

> > Another one or two showed up later (?) as I show the George Washington #
> > 7128 in my notes....
>That's the one.  I knew it was a Washington, just couldn't remember which
>I found my slides of the car, scanned in three of them and popped them onto
>my web site.
>These shots were taken in 1992.  The car number is 7128, although it's hard
>to make out from the pix, since there is a chain link fence in the way. 
>Also, note the new number, 3711, visible between the windows in image 
>pc_gw__3, possibly an AMTK number?  
>The car was still there last time I was in the area, about 5 months ago.
>It's just off of I-70 around Havana St.  Anyone interested in the exact
>location can contact me and I'll pay more attention to the street names
>next time I go by. :^)
>Jerry, when you get the chance, you can take any or all of these images for
>the PC passenger car page.
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