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Re: PC: ***PC Observation Car, former PRR ? NYC ?

 > ***Hi, Gene and all-
 > That was funny !?! Anyway, the modern PRR equipment had those 'blunt' obs
 > cars, with fairly flat ends. These could be - and were - coupled to other
 > equipment, typically heavyweight parlors / Pullmans.
 > When I saw them, they even had buffers and diaphragms, which certainly hurt
 > their once neat appearance !

That's the one.  "Blunt" ended, rear facing windows on either side of a
diaphragmed doorway. (ick)

Last time I was there, the Penn Central name board, car name and numbers
were still in place.  I don't think the worms were still in place.  The
font used for car numbers looked very PRR.

 > If it was a 'boat-tail' style, I would =think= that it was more likely NYC
 > heritage..?

Nope... no way, no how was it ex-NYC. 

I can try to dig up the photo I have for it and get it to Jerry to add to
the PC web site.

Gene (Stuck in a telephone conference call that will be remembered as the
      first ever tele-lobotomy...)

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