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PC: ***PC Observation Car, former PRR ? NYC ?

***Hi, Gene and all-

That was funny !?! Anyway, the modern PRR equipment had those 'blunt' obs
cars, with fairly flat ends. These could be - and were - coupled to other
equipment, typically heavyweight parlors / Pullmans.

When I saw them, they even had buffers and diaphragms, which certainly hurt
their once neat appearance !

Without seeing the pic, I am thinking of the Senator and Congressional
equipment that the PRR got in the early 1950's....?

On a good day, I could find the list and names ?

If it was a 'boat-tail' style, I would =think= that it was more likely NYC

Jus' my off hand thoughts, gotta go clean the cat boxes before the 'boss'
gets home ! THX, Bill Strassner*-*

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