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PC: New HO NYC decal sets available... (fwd)

Hey guys,

Here's another annoucement from Jim Kosty on decals. It got caught in the
list server's "idiot filter" by mistake because it recognized a word that
it thought was a list admin request, so I'm sending it along now. -JWJ

----- Forwarded message from jer -AT- smellycat.com -----

From: "Jim Kosty" <j_kosty -AT- hotmail.com>
Subject: New HO NYC decal sets available...
Date: Thu, 16 Mar 2000 11:40:58 PST

No, this isn't the same set I mentioned last week - there are two new sets 
for NYC in HO scale to be available by April 1, 2000.
The first one is for NYC hood units in the sixties through to the PC merger. 
  This includes 8" and 12" road numbers, 8" carbody lettering, plus 
specially sized 8" lettering as was found on the GE U25 and 28B units, P&LE 
sub-initials, radio equipped dots, locmotive class designations, and the 
tri-color cigar band logos for the cab sides and the noses of these units. 
  Enough to do at least three locomotives.  Includes painting and lettering 
The second NYC set to be ready by April 1, 2000 is for Century (Jade) Green 
bay window and transfer cabooses as painted in the sixties.  It includes 
paint date triangles, the road numbers and initials, the italicized "Road to 
the Future" lettering, three sizes of cigar band logos, end lettering, 
repack / lube stencils, radio - equipped dots, and other small lettering.  
Includes painting and lettering guide.
If interested, please email me at
j_kosty -AT- hotmail.com
for prices and answers to questions you may have or send an SASE to:
Jim Kosty
Central Decals
203 Sharwill Place
Corning NY 14830
(607) 962-7440
I ain't gettin' rich from this - it's just a labor of love to make these 
sets that have previously been unavailable or never done quite right before.
Thanks for your time.  Now back to your regularly scheduled railfanning and 
modeling discussions:^)

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