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PC: Re: Need NYC (PC) Bay Window caboose plans for model

The NYC Historical Society has an extensive drawing collection. I'd try there

Their annual meeting is this weekend I believe   - if someone is going
maybe the could pick up a drawing list

Jim Hebner

Jim Kosty wrote:
> Dear Gentlemen (and ladies too),
> I need to locate dimensioned drawings or blueprints for the NYC bay window
> cabooses, either the earlier Despatch Shops / St. Louis Car CO. version (in
> PC parlance, an N7 or N7A), which were NYC lots 778, 782 and 827 - or the
> 1962 built Despatch Shops bay windows in NYC Lot919 (or in PC parlance, an
> N7B, and almost, if not, identical to the Altoona - built N-10 from 1969).
> The reason for the search?  I have a party that is interested in possibly
> producing a quality NYC bay window caboose (cabin car) model in HO, and has
> stated that if the plans are acquired, it's almost a certainty!  I think
> that would be tremendous news for us PC and NYC modelers.
> Your help will be duly noted and greatly appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Jim Kosty
> j_kosty -AT- hotmail.com
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