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Re: PC: Cars Existing in PRR vs NYC Paint

In a message dated 03/06/2000 6:01:38 AM Pacific Standard Time, 
pjkuhl -AT- erols.com writes:

> I'm curious about the various sightings of PC predecessor-railroad cars:  It
>  appears that far more cars in PRR paint or even with intact PRR logos (for
>  that matter, ex-EL or RDG cars) are spotted than are cars still in NYC 
>  or with NYC logos.  Is this so?  If so, can anyone speculate as to why?
>  Phil Kuhl
I can't speak to the NYC vs. Pennsy issue, but it is worth remembering that 
both these roads disappeared into PC in 1968, while PC, EL and RDG were all 
around till 1976.  Hence the higher incidence of the latter today.

Tim Costello

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