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PC: (Fwd) That CCC&StL question

	Folks, I have a request for major information on the
	CCC&StL. I am forwarding what is needed. You may reply
	to me or directly to Al (Al would be better) if you
	have any answers for him.



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Date:          Mon, 06 Mar 2000 18:00:19 -0500
From:          alfred kresse <akresse -AT- bignet.net>
To:            rhensley -AT- anderson.cioe.com
Subject:       Re: [FC] That CCC&StL question


I was looking for any significant literature . . . books, major chapters
in NYC books, booklets, NYC Society Magazine articles, graduate papers,
etc. on the Cleveland. Cincinnati, Chicago and St Louis Rwy Company or
Big Four railway.   I have limited information on it via the C&O
documentation I have.  In and around the previous turn of the century it
was the interchange for the western end of the C&O lines (FFV premium
passenger and Kanawha Dispatch Fast Freight Lines) to get to Chicago.
Mr. Ingalls and Mr. Gastang were officers in both organizations.  Later
on the C&O purchased what became the C&O of Indiana and later a portion
of the C&O up to Chicago.

Any help would be appreciated.

Al Kresse

Roger P. Hensley wrote:

>         I didn't keep the original question. If the writer will
>         send it to me directly, I will forward it to a NYC list
>         that I am on to see if anyone there has an answer.
> Roger
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