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Re: PC: Cars Existing in PRR vs NYC Paint

This is just speculation, but I've noticed the same thing, and think it may
have more to 
do with the fact that the jade green paint just doesn't hold up all that
well against the elements,
necessitating repaints on a more frequent basis than the browns or blacks
of PRR, EL, RDG.  


At 09:00 AM 3/6/00 -0500, you wrote:
>I'm curious about the various sightings of PC predecessor-railroad cars:  It
>appears that far more cars in PRR paint or even with intact PRR logos (for
>that matter, ex-EL or RDG cars) are spotted than are cars still in NYC paint
>or with NYC logos.  Is this so?  If so, can anyone speculate as to why?
>Phil Kuhl
>Arlington, Virginia
>PJKuhl -AT- erols.com

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