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PC: Re: PC "Pin Up"

Typical for Railroad magazine during the period. I believe their readership
was falling drastically during the period, and they resorted to 'cheesecake'
pictures to try to boost it a little. You may also notice the 'pen pal'
column in the back of the magazine  is dominated by young ladies from the

If you look a little more closely at the various issues, you'll see that
there's really only a handful of different girls. The same ones show up over
and over.

Railroad originally started as a magazine for railroad workers. It later
evolved into a railfan magazine.

Peter King in NY

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> I found a PC picture in the August 1973 issue of Railroad that might give
> PC fans a chuckle. Railroad certainly had an interesting photo editorial
> policy in those days when PC stood for Penn Central.
> Just go to my web page and select the link for the Pictures Page.
> Bryan Turner
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