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Re: PC: Conrail Exec. Train... past owners? (Cancelled)

The Trainmaster pictures I have just show them in PRR paint with new PC
numbers. They have Pennsylvania in serif lettering on the side with no
keystones, and nothing on the nose. 

Some of the pre-merger FM's have this paint scheme, and others have
keystones (instead of lettering) on the sides and noses.

I didn't find any photos of Trainmasters in keystone paint, nor did I see
any in PC paint.

According to what I could find, PC tried to move all of the FM's to the
Chicago area.


>    The PC did have several FM Trainmasters.  What I am looking for 
> is 
> pictures of any of them under PC ownership (other than the one in PC 
> Power). 
>   I doubt that any ever saw PC paint.  What PRR scheme did they wear 
> (block 
> letters, keystones, etc.)?  Where were they all operated out of 
> (other than 
> 59th St. Yard)?

Bryan Turner

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