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Re: PC: Conrail Exec. Train... past owners?

 Hi Steffan and List.
   I hope I can shed some light on the subject,and by no means am I an expert 
on OCS( Office Car Special). I have seen the OCS many times,have 
some photos plus video and have been through it a hand full of times. The 
Con-Cor set is only a represention of the OCS not exact as exact cars are not 
made that represent the train. All of the heavyweight cars no longer have the 
rivets as they are all smooth welded sides but still have their belt rails, 
and most have had roof changes to accomadate air conditioning and window 
changes. The two Rivarossi cars #1 & #21 are fairly close. # 21 is close to 
CR#8, #25 & #26 except for roof and window variation and some other 
details.CR #25&#26 are gone some where along the line. #1 is close to CR # 1, 
#3, #10 #19. #10 is not a business car inside, just a open area to set up 
tables and chairs for refreshments. 
  The Lima #2 issome what close to CR #10 but with the same differences as 
mentioned above plus the trucks. The Kato #10 is not close to anything on the 
OCS fleet. They had no cars that short, all were standard length pullman cars.
  I have two of the sets and if I were to run them I would probably leave off 
the two # 10 cars. I thing I forgot to say is that I think CR #25 & #26 were 
coachs not pullmans as the #21 car is but I will have to check into that. #8 
is a 8bdrm slpr.
  Get a couple of the Atlas Observation cars and a couple of the pullmans and 
a couple of Light weight fluted coachs,a Santa Fe Full length dome and 
repaint them(dark pullman green) and you would have a very close represention 
 of the Conrail OCS. I have a copy of the car roster as of 1-1-95 with prior 
owner information.
 Let me know if you want a copy off site.
Hope this some help and not adding more confusion. Like what has recently 
been said, I you want to be exact go for it but if looks good enough with a 
pretty fair represention then so be it. You are the one who has to pleased 
not everyone who see's it and wants to nit pick it apart because of this and 

Pat McKinney
Altoona, Pa.

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