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Re: PC: PC modelers/more than 2 genus types

I believe that those of us on the list comprise the whole spectrum of modelling,
from those preferring to use simpler items (hey, I got my start with AHM
equipment because I couldn't afford better) to those who have the time and
discretionary capital to pursue the very best items available. In my case, I
have fragmented my discretionary monies to the point that I am barely keeping up
with the HO scale items that are of limited release and don't even own a piece
of track as yet!

I commend all those of you who have the skills to turn out very fine quality
items. Right now, I have neither the time, money, nor inclination to do so as
yet. Conversely, those of you who have a layout up and running and use less than
contemporary state of the art scale equipment are able to enjoy the hobby too.
I have more going on in my life that to have to feel superior to people whose
skills are lesser than mine, nor feel threatened by those who will always be
better modellers than me.

Each to their own, without sneering at 'em. We are all here for the enjoyment
factor, to learn and to exchange information.

Now, can we close this point of universal contention and get back onto more PC


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