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PC: Re: PC modelers/more than 2 genus types

So, what happens when I model...   a 1997-era Lehigh Valley Railroad?  Red
SD60M's, SD40-2's, etc. .....   Are they toys because they're models of
something that never existed, so there's no prototype to be accurate to
beyond a picture in my head?

The problem with your whole argument is, as on the masthead of Model
Railroader for years and years, "Model Railroading is (supposed to be) Fun"
- now if it's fun for you to be this anal about your details, that's cool,
but it's also fun for me to make things up, and it's fun for some people to
have PC steam, Monon E's, NYC GG1's, etc.  To have a disrespectful attitude
because the left handrail is crooked of the horn is plain Athearn and not
the $3 brass correct one, is uncalled for and BS.   When you throw that
sort of BS into modeling, it takes the FUN out of it.  I'm sure Roger
Hensley's not having fun with this based on what he wrote.  I don't see
either how it can be fun to be so critical of what someone else does...  if
that's how you want to be, just wait untill you get something wrong and get
caught, you'll really find out how unfunny it is.

Arguing about this subject is wildly off-topic, so how about letting this
be the end of it before we all get yelled at? :o)  that's no fun either.

Bill K.

> From: Craig E. Hatter <ns4610 -AT- bluegrass.net>
> To: Penn-Central <penn-central -AT- smellycat.com>
> Subject: PC: PC modelers/more than 2 genus types
> Date: Saturday, February 26, 2000 7:54 PM
> I would classify those types as the haves and the have nots. The
> which I throw myself and individuals such as Mr. Rea,have the skill sets
> knowledge base to accurately portray PC models. We WANT our models to be
> correct. It is our desire. The have nots on the other hand do not possess
> these skills,and by and large don't care to exert the effort or education
> needed to become a have. Why? Because they are not MODELING. They are
> playing with a train,whomever roads scheme is on the side.
>  I want to know if I should have a 2 strap or 3 strap signal box on my
> SD45s. What numbers are correct for the low mounted brake cylinder trucks
> that came with the model? Why is the Atlas U33C PC logo incorrect?  This
> modeling. Is this a biased opinion? Certainly. Do I look down my detail
> parts bent crooked nose and sneer at the have nots? Damn straight,because
> they come back with it's all for fun and it really doesn't matter. To
> This large majority continues to perpetuate bad models and out and out
> fabrications about paint and equipment. Monon NEVER owned Salmon and Gray
> E8s,but IHC sure did paint some and the cars to go with them. I tell
> individuals over and over that the hobby shop has just the thing for
> It's in a big orange box. Makes noise and smokes too.

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