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PC: Re: Haves & have nots?

Yayyyyyy Pat!!!!
     I enjoy my Penn Central "Toy" Railroad, and I readily admit that it is
a toy, (they are all toys)...But I love my Wife and Children....But that is
the life I "HAVE" chosen and the "toy" railroad is just for fun........FUN
IS GOOD !!!  Long Live Fun.....I' m still trying to model "N" scale

Dick Bowman

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Subject: PC: Haves & have nots?

> Here's my definition of PC modelers: "Haves" have a wife & kids, a
> a 50+ hour per week job and have little time to worry about how many
straps a
> signal box has.  We're happy as hell when Athearn comes out with a decent
> GP38-2 PC paint scheme so we won't have to blow the time doing it
> The "Have nots" have no wife, no life, still live at home with Mom & pop
> spend every waking hour installing grab irons, painting door handles, and
> attaching straps to signal boxes.  Oh yes, and they go to the mall when
> local modular club sets up a display, stick their noses up in the air and
> say, " That's not prototypical!"  Listen folks, no matter what details
> slapped on to your train, when you set it on the track and crank up the
> throttle, you're still playing with it!!!!!  Lighten up!
> Pat

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