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Re: PC: RE:Bicentennial paint

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Sent: Sunday, February 27, 2000 1:09 AM
Subject: Re: PC: RE:Bicentennial paint

Stuff deleted...

>Only one FL9 5023 was lettered CR for obvious reasons. Engine 5023 was
> the last 100% New Haven RR FL9 on the property in much need of a new
> repainting. NH paint was chipping and faded. It was totally sandblasted
> came out of Harmon shops in MTA blue and Yellow indicating MTA ownership
> all other FL9's with white CR name and logo.
"Diesels to Park Avenue", page 26. 5042 in blue/yellow with CR initials on
nose and sides. 5007, name on nose and sides, logo on sides. 5051 in
identical paint. Page 55, 5023 and 5040 with name and logo on sides. Page
67, 5022 with name on sides and nose, logo on sides. Page 100, 5045 with
name and logo on sides. (Nose not visible.) Back cover, 5059 with name and
logo on sides. (Nose not visible.)

That's 7 FL-9s in full CR paint, one with initials only. Solid photographic

Peter King in NY

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