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PC: Re: Re: : Passenger cars in HO

The troop sleeper has an REA vented version coming also.  Brass sides,
resin roof/ends/floor, ECW Allied Full Cushion trucks, seperate brake set. 
 As long as you're careful cleaning up the roof and ends it builds up nice.
 The NYC car is the one out now; it's about $45...   side by side with the
Cannonball Car Shops kit, it looks a lot better to me.

Bill K.

(I remember the great MR letters column debate over those PC steam decals,
even though it happened before I was born *!* ....  when I was a kid I had
a big pile of dog-eared back issues I read to death).

They're also doing NYC troop sleepers with 2 door
> >variants, I'd think some of those would have lasted into PC MOW service
> >least. Granted brass sides are a little pricey, but you'll never paint
> >anything that looks as good as the plated brass 'stainless steel' car
> >  (if someone does have good pics of any of these cars in PC send 'em
> >please - )
> I wondered too about these, didn't these coaches make it into PC as many
> the PRR ones retired due to rot in the body-frame?   Some of those troop
> sleepers made it into REA cars also, I THINK there is a shot of on in
> RR Press" PC issue.   How are these kits?

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