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PC: Haves & have nots?

Here's my definition of PC modelers: "Haves" have a wife & kids, a mortgage, 
a 50+ hour per week job and have little time to worry about how many straps a 
signal box has.  We're happy as hell when Athearn comes out with a decent 
GP38-2 PC paint scheme so we won't have to blow the time doing it ourselves.  
The "Have nots" have no wife, no life, still live at home with Mom & pop and 
spend every waking hour installing grab irons, painting door handles, and 
attaching straps to signal boxes.  Oh yes, and they go to the mall when the 
local modular club sets up a display, stick their noses up in the air and 
say, " That's not prototypical!"  Listen folks, no matter what details you've 
slapped on to your train, when you set it on the track and crank up the 
throttle, you're still playing with it!!!!!  Lighten up!


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