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PC: Re: PC modelers/more than 2 genus types

Also consider that there are a lot of us modeling freight railroads (car
cards, switch lists, etc.) and we put a lot of effort into our "revenue"
equipment and operations.  We often will add a passenger fleet of generic
cars with a close to accurate paint job to add some interest to the
operating mix.
Basically, we regard the passenger equipment the same way actual freight
railways do...
A necessary nuisance that gets in the way of the revenue producing trains,
and not worth sinking a lot of time or money into...
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From: Craig E. Hatter <ns4610 -AT- bluegrass.net>
To: Penn-Central <penn-central -AT- smellycat.com>
Date: Saturday, February 26, 2000 8:05 PM
Subject: PC: PC modelers/more than 2 genus types

>I would classify those types as the haves and the have nots. The haves,into
>which I throw myself and individuals such as Mr. Rea,have the skill sets
>knowledge base to accurately portray PC models. We WANT our models to be
>correct. It is our desire. The have nots on the other hand do not possess
>these skills,and by and large don't care to exert the effort or education
>needed to become a have. Why? Because they are not MODELING. They are
>playing with a train,whomever roads scheme is on the side.
> I want to know if I should have a 2 strap or 3 strap signal box on my Kato
>SD45s. What numbers are correct for the low mounted brake cylinder trucks
>that came with the model? Why is the Atlas U33C PC logo incorrect?  This is
>modeling. Is this a biased opinion? Certainly. Do I look down my detail
>parts bent crooked nose and sneer at the have nots? Damn straight,because
>they come back with it's all for fun and it really doesn't matter. To THEM.
>This large majority continues to perpetuate bad models and out and out
>fabrications about paint and equipment. Monon NEVER owned Salmon and Gray
>E8s,but IHC sure did paint some and the cars to go with them. I tell these
>individuals over and over that the hobby shop has just the thing for them.
>It's in a big orange box. Makes noise and smokes too.

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