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Re: PC: RE:Bicentennial paint

From: NEW HAVEN U25B <ERIE-LACKAWANNA -AT- prodigy.net>

>The U34CH is not CR property and only lettered CR on the upper side of long
>hood. Engine is also marked with NJDOT logos. A year after the the bicent
>the engine remained red white blue and had the CONRAIL name painted out and
>renumbered back to 4151 which is its real number.

Would this be the same as CR U34CH 4151, an ex EL unit?  It is shown as a CR
unit in 1977, based in Secaucus, working commuter service on former EL
territory.  This from CR's 77 roster.  Thirty-two units listed total, 4151
first of the series.  As N. H, points out, there is a question to actual
ownership, as there was a lot of foreign power on CR in those
days....however, it is under the "owned" category, not "leased".  Other
locos listed that went to NJDOT are not included in the totals active by
class, whilst the U34CHs are shown to be CR owned, but the pictured unit has


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